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An easy-to-use online platform where people can swap their books for new ones.

Save nature

Swapping means 99% less CO2 emission vs. buying a republished book from a bookshop.

Pay less

Bookswap provides the lowest cost for new reads compared to book e-shops and traditional marketplaces.

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Why people love Bookswap


It takes only a few clicks to offer/order books. There’s no need to enter book details, communicate with the sender to agree on shipping and payment details.


Users usually dispatch the orders on the same or next day and the shipping takes only one working day.


Bookswap packages often come full of surprises such as sweet treats, tea bags, postcards, bookmarks, lovely notes, face masks (!) or wrapped in charming paper.

Dynamic & Passionate

Desired books are swapped in a few seconds and it’s an awarding feeling to be the first to catch the offer.

Money Saver

Users with points can get their desired books for a few euros (including shipping!).

Offering Deficit Books

Thanks to Bookswap people complete their desired collections and find the books they were looking for a long time.

Hello! I’m completely addicted to Bookswap! 🙋‍♀️



I’m happy with this discovery although it drives me crazy (in a good way). 🥰


Bookswap is my new crush ❤️ It’s so good that I can share my books easily & quickly without contacting with the other person 🙏🏻 And I really like points as a currency ❤️


Great idea that was sorely needed!


Amazing platform! I can’t stop using it.


@Evelina skaito

Previous reader added some gifts!! 😍
What a beautiful connection Bookswap platform creates between book lovers. ❤️


I found a deficit book on Bookswap and my collection is finally finished. ❤️


I’ve just discovered Bookswap and yes! So good! Better than all the vinteds 🤭 It makes much easier for books to travel from hand to hand 👏


Meet our Board

Martynas Basokas

CEO, founder

>12y managing online classifieds, marketplaces and online media.

Arthur Barsegjan

COO, founder

17y in leading Baltic media companies, 6y managing online marketplaces.

Leo Ariva


Serial entrepreneur, 25y in media and online business, heavy reader.