We bring millions of unused books back to the market, saving people's money and reducing carbon footprint.

Bookswap is a new model for getting books that appeal to the environmentally-conscious reader and, with their community spirit, create a cost-effective alternative to anonymous business giants.
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It is easy and fun to swap your old books for exciting new reads!

1. Offer books

On our website, you can offer everyone books you no longer need. That's pretty easy – just find your book in our database and click!

2. Find books

You can find thousands of books available on our website. If not available, you can add your wishes to your wish list.

3. Order books

If someone orders a book from you, you will earn a right to order a desired book from the shelves of thousands of swappers.

Read more, pay less, save trees

Save money with swaps

Bookswap's idea is to maximize the swapper's financial gain. You can get the same book from Bookswap many times cheaper than at the store.

99% less emissions

The greenhouse gas emissions produced by a single book during its life cycle correspond to a car journey of 7.3 kilometres. 99% of this footprint comes from the paper and printing industry, which makes the swapping of used books an extremely environmentally friendly form of consumption.

Save trees with swaps

A lot of the books we buy from the bookstore stand actually useless on various bookshelves. Bookswap finds these books, so the paper industry no longer does not have to cut down trees to produce books that are just waiting for a new home.

Our services and solutions

On our website, you can offer everyone books you no longer need. If someone orders a book from you, you will earn a right to order a desirable book from the shelves of thousands of swappers.
In addition to the swapping fee of every transaction, it is possible to set up a number of side-products - booking fee, bumping, credit sales for additional swaps, advertising, and much more.

Swapping fee

Every transaction includes a swap fee. The fee is significantly cheaper than buying a book in a store what makes Bookswap a great channel for getting new books.

Paid extra credits

To order a book, you can use the points you earn when you send the books yourself. However, if you run out of points, you can buy extra credit.

Paid notifications

Most popular books can sometimes be ordered only by the quickest swappers. Paid SMS notifications are helpful to let you know when a favourite book is offered.

Featured books

Often, the books that are visible on the front page are ordered. If you want to give away more books, you can use premium displaying for your offers.


Book publishers are a very competitive industry. Every day they publish thousands of new books and fight for readers' attention. They can get it through Bookswap.


Thanks to Bookswap, thousands of packages travel every day in different countries. Commissions from parcel companies help Bookswap develop its business.

Our company

Short-term goal 2021-2023

To launch Bookswap in Lithuania with aim of achieving success in the secondary market and testing an improved business models. That will open the doors for cooperation with large international corporations in order to enter into large markets.

Long-term goal 2021-2026

To grow into a large and profitable international company by 2026, operating in at least 10 markets (population approx. 1 billion) in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia.

Leo Ariva

CEO and Founder

Arthur Barsegjan


Mailis Viiand


Martynas Basokas


We will introduce Bookswap to the whole world!

Bookswap launched in Estonia

Sept 2016

100K books swapped

Dec 2018

EU names Bookswap best sharing economy startup

Nov 2019

Launched in the UK

May 2020

200K swapped

Jan 2021

Launch in Lithuania

Nov 2021

Stay tuned and join us!

If you would like to contact us, please don't hesitate email me directly.
CEO Leo Ariva leo.ariva@bookswap.eu