About Bookswap

It’s the fun, green and easy way to swap your old books for exciting new reads.

Bookswap is a digital platform, so we respect the environment in the way we work with our carbon-lowering ethic.

What we can do to make a positive change is reuse the books we have already read by extending their purpose and life span and passing them on to others.

How do I offer a book?

Find the books in our database that you want to give away and offer books for swapping. Mark the condition of the books.

If someone orders a book from you, you will receive an email notification.

Once the order is packaged, you’ll need to print and stick the label on your parcel before you drop it off at your local Hermes ParcelShop.

The shipping cost is paid by the person who made the order.

How do I order a book?

If someone orders a book from you, one ordering point is added to your account and you can order a new book for yourself.

You don’t have to swap books with the person who ordered a book from you. You can order books from all available offers.

If you can’t find the book you want, add it to your Wishlist.

How much will the swapping cost?

When you order a book, the handling cost is £0.99, and you pay £2.63 for the shipping.

If you wish to make an order but you don’t have any ordering points, £3 will be added to your invoice for every point you purchase.

If you have any questions or you need help, please contact us: info@bookswap.co.uk.